Susan Lo

Susan has been studying the cello for 13 years. She now attends Trinity University as a graduate student in their music department. She is currentlythe principle cellist for the Trinity Symphony Orchestra and has enjoyed that role for four years. During her undergraduate years, she studied under David Mollenauer, the principle cellist of the San Antonio Symphony Orchestra. Susan has performed for weddings and other events around San Antonio. She is experienced in teaching both children and adults.

Fabian Escamilla

Fabian has studied music for 14 years with different instruments and styles. He earned a Bachelors of Arts in Music from the University of Incarnate Word and studied classical violin with Daniel Kobialka, former Principal Second Violinist for the San Francisco Symphony. Upon graduating , he began to teach for the Southwest Independent School District to teach in the Fine Arts Department for grades 6th - 12th.  He is experienced in teaching both children and adults.