This is an opportunity to share the gift of music with others. This is not just for String Together students, but for all who would like to participate.


Music is a gift with the power of healing. If you are a good musician and would like to volunteer time to play for medical patients and their families - please fill out the form below and you will be contacted shortly.


Musicians are grouped according to availability.   The hospice is an in-patient hospice center.

How good do I need to be to play?

  • Performance experience (via orchestra, recitals, band concerts, etc..) is highly recommended but not necessary. Musicians should be able to sight read or have good improvisation skills.

How long do I need to play?

  • There is a thirty minute minimum. Of course, this will vary depending on whether you'd like to stay to play more music for patients. 

How many times do we have to play?

  • People who volunteer are required to play twice a  month on a day and time that works for their schedule. 

Is there a screening process?

  • ALL Players will need to meet with me to audition and rehearse.  Due to HIPPA Regulations, all will be given a TB test and drug test.

Are there rehearsals?

  • Rehearsal time, date, and location are dependent on the musicians involved.   Musicians must rehearse together at least once prior to playing at the site. Currently, we have been meeting at Music Masters.

What type of music will I be playing?

  • Please feel free to suggest music and bring it to rehearsal. Patients and their families enjoy all types of music. This is a great opportunity to play music with others you enjoy. I ultimately will have the final decision in the song choices due to the emotional vulnerability of the situation. For instance, playing the Titanic theme song is not appropriate for this setting.

Can I play solo?

  • Absolutely.


More details will be given upon completion of the form below.

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