Benefits of Renting

For beginners I recommend renting an instrument. There are two local violin shops here in town I highly recommend - Antonio Strad and Terra Nova. I am not affiliated with either of these shops nor do I receive any commission from them; this is strictly my opinion.

Both of these shops offer rental credit, from which a student can draw upon to purchase a full size violin at a later date.  This is especially useful for non-adult students.

Benefits of a rental instrument:

  •  instrument can be exchanged at no additional cost once the student is ready for the next size instrument.
  •  instrument insurance buffers the cost of minor and major repairs for an instrument. 
  •  in my experience, the quality of instruments from these stores are higher
  • the instruments sound better than the violins sold at a lower price online
  • monthly payment can be used towards a full size violin for the student in the future

What We Offer

We  provide a convenient way for families to attain an instrument.  Instruments can be brought to the first lesson for the purpose of "trying it out". Should the student decide to move forward, the instrument used in the first lesson will be available to take home and rented. These instruments are provided by Antonio Strad. 

Prices may vary depending on type, size, and quality of instrument. However, below is listed the cost estimate of a monthly rental which includes the instrument, bow, case, rosin, and instrument insurance.

Violins: $16-$25 per month
Violas:  $16-$29  per month
Cellos:  $32 - $50 per month